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Happy Couple

Areas of Expertise

I have extensive experince and clinical training in helping people with depression, anxiety, anger, communication problems, trauma, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.  
Solution-Focused Therapy

Finding solutions or options to the problems you're struggling with is key to getting things back on track and living a healthier, happier and more rewarding life.  Solution-Focused Therapy is goal-oriented, focuses on your strengths and resources and has a strong future focus.  It's my favorite treatment approach!

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

Understanding how we think and how it drives behavior is critiical for your mental health.  Cognitive/Behavioral therapy gives you the mental tools to understand and deal with stress in healthy and proactive ways.

My Approach

Selecting the right counselor is critical and key to helping you get back on track.  It's my goal to listen, support and help you develop personalized goals that get you unstuck and moving toward what you want. 


What excites me most is seeing my clients take small steps outside of their comfort zone that make good things happen.  That's why I do what I do!

Diversity Students
My Approach
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